Vormsi ST OlaF's Church

Church renovation

Looking to the future, the church faces an important and responsible task. The volunteers who worked with the restoration of the church between 1988 and 1990 did not have enough resources, skills or experience in the modern sense, which is why 30 years later the sanctuary needs to be thoroughly repaired again. The situation on the roof is particularly worrying. The disposable sheets of the tin roof have weakened over the years, and the roof has begun to let water through in many places, thus endangering the wooden structures of the church roof and beam ceiling. Roof repair is needed asap, as damage from moisture over time increases the volume of subsequent repairs. The finishing layers of the exterior walls of the church are also in poor condition. However, the new exterior finish can only be started after the roof covering has been renewed.

Of course, the financial capacity of a low- and limited-income church is not enough to fund church renovations. The congregation has applied for and continues to apply for assistance from various national programs. At the same time, everyone's help and donations for the shrine of our island are very welcome.

You can support the repair works of St. Olav's Church in Vormsi with a targeted donation to Vormsi St. Olaf's Church Foundation:
MTÜ Vormsi Püha Olavi Kiriku Fond
EE272200221077146284 Swedbank